CRYSTALWEAR boxed sets are offered with either style of shirt, crew neck tee or boat neck tunic and includes the cap & 23 Reiki-attuned crystals. Also included is a manual that explains which crystals are appropriate for the different chakra pockets. Crystals should be removed prior to washing.

There are four choices of artwork that you may view by clicking on the corresponding boxes next to the item illustration: Sanskrit, Geometric Mandalas, Lotus Mandalas, and Swirls.

Depending on what activity you plan on wearing CRYSTALWEAR, it is advised that if you are going to be laying down on a hard surface such as doing yoga, it would be best to only put the crystals in the front pockets of the shirt so they will not be felt against the spine for maximum comfort.

For information on checking chakras or purchasing a pendulum see the chakra & pendulum pages.