Crystalwear Crystals

Crystals or minerals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Crystals are excellent tools for personal growth and conduct light, intentionality and electrical energy for healing. Crystals have the ability to radiate hi-vibratory frequencies, including light, color, sound and electromagnetic waves into our body’s electrical fields to help dissolve energy blocks in our chakras and bring about mental, emotional and physical well being by aligning the frequencies of the chakras. Each crystal is unique from the others and their properties are listed below. Crystals in the CRYSTALWEAR set are attuned to the light of Reiki. You may sleep, meditate or practice yoga while wearing your CRYSTALWEAR clothing or whenever you feel the need to balance and align your chakras. Use as many crystals as you like in the appropriate chakra pockets. Remove crystals before washing to prevent loss and damage to the garments. You may cleanse your crystals separately in the sink with warm water. Please enjoy!


AMETHYST provides for good spiritual cleansing and development, helping the mind to calm and dwell on higher thoughts. Used also extensively for healing in the healing arts. It is also known for protection from psychic attacks, an excellent stone for activating the crown chakra.

Clear Quartz Crystal

CLEAR QUARTZ is among the most common of crystals and it is among the most powerful and versatile. This mineral is excellent for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, heal, to attract, and to protect. This mineral is clear and glass-like to opaque white in color.

RUTILATED QUARTZ – The rutile in the quartz intensifies the power of the quartz crystal. In addition it affects the etheric and astral bodies, it assists in getting to the root of the problem. It is also known as the problem solver crystal. This crystal adds vision to astral travel and helps to stimulate awareness of the connections that we have with the other realms. Clear with gold, red or silver threads.


SODALITE is excellent for use in eliminating confusion, and to bringing out the truth. It provides for access of universal law and stimulation of the throat chakra. It encourages self-esteem. This mineral is dark blue with white and gray and black blotches.

LAPIS LAZULI is known for being a symbol of power and royalty since ancient times. It is also known for its ability as a mental and spiritual cleanser and opener of the 3rd eye. It draws the mind inward to its own source of power. This stone is light blue to azure with specks of pyrite in the matrix.

FLUORITE is excellent for opening inner doors of perception, to yourself and others around you. It is known for absorbing anger and negativity holding it in until the crystal breaks. A great companion for your computer also is very grounding. This stone is found in green, yellow, blue, and purple or in combination with all.

TURQUOISE is excellent for opening the heart and throat chakras.  It connects you to the earth and universal energies.  It strengthens the ability to give and receive. A stone of balance, protection and love. This mineral is turquoise to greenish turquoise in color.

AQUAMARINE is known as the stone of courage. It enhances one’s ability for rapid intellectual response. It accelerates the intellectual processes. It provides a shielding property to the Aura and subtle bodies. It helps one to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness. This stone is light blue in color.

AMAZONITE provides for balancing and aligning the physical with the ethereal bodies. It is a stone of balance, balancing the male/female energies. It soothes nerves and dispels both irritating and negative energy. It helps to rejuvenate the heart centers and the throat chakra areas.
This stone is turquoise in color with white/gray stripes occasionally.


JADE is the prince of peace and tranquility. It acts quietly as a consciousness raiser of human development. It dispels negativity by the constant emission of soothing and cleaning vibrations. It is said that jade is not from the Earth, but is a mutation from a planet outside this solar system. Jade can never harm anyone wearing it, for it does not absorb negative attributes of any nature. It is said to prolong life, protect one from accidents, and quiet inner restlessness. Jade is a soothing green color. It is an avocado green gem, with darker mottled flecks of green in it.

GREEN AVENTURINE is used mostly for the heart chakra to activate and clear. It is an excellent stone for providing a shield so people can’t “tap in” and use the energy of another. It facilitates balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. It enhances leadership qualities.
This stone is light to dark green in color. AVENTURINE is said to bring luck and adventures in love and games. It makes an individual independent and original. It has a binding and healing force, and is good for skin diseases and improving the complexion. At one time it was used to cure nearsightedness. It is helpful for the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.  Aventurine has strong healing energies, and affects the pituitary gland.  It can be used for creative visualization, higher-self attunement, and is good for the muscle and nervous system. Aventurine is a good stone for artists, writers and all those of a creative nature. It brings prosperity; the green vibrations attract money.

ROSE QUARTZ is excellent for facilitating emotional clearing and healing. It helps a person to be more receptive to beauty and to feel loved. A lovers stone and is known as the stone of love and balance. It helps one to find unconditional love and to heal matters of the heart. This mineral is pink in color.

Tiger's Eye

TIGER EYE is excellent for protection, grounding and for bringing clarity and light to a situation. It is also used for past life regression protection, and astral travel protection. This mineral is golden, dark blue or red in color.


CITRINE is an excellent healing stone, also known as a healer’s stone. This stone is a powerful healing stone, which absorbs negativity and never has to be cleansed. This stone is said to bring business if put in the cash box of a shop or money if carried on your person. Helps clear one’s thoughts and allows one to feel cheerful and lighthearted. This stone is golden yellow and clear.


CARNELIAN is excellent for providing perceptiveness. It is a great protector against envy, fear, and rage. It also helps to get rid of feelings of sorrow leading to happiness. This stone represents the navel chakra. This stone is opaque to clear red to orange and sometimes found with stripes running through it.


BLOODSTONE is excellent as a healing stone and is called the stone of courage. It can be used to awaken the base, navel, sacral and heart chakras. It is also centering and grounding for the heart chakra. It provides a revitalization of love, relationships and friendships. This crystal is mostly green with tiny spots of red that look like blood.


SUNSTONE has been used to both clear and energize the chakras and bring a feeling of squeaky-clean. It can be used to dissipate fear, and to alleviate stress. It has been used to provide good luck in games. It is thought to bring life and abundance to those fortunate to carry/wear it. It is also believed to provide protection from destructive forces. This stone is golden in color.

JASPER (red & yellow) is excellent for protection and is known as a “Shamans” stone that transforms negativity. This stone is also known for its ability to balance the yin-yang energies and is a safe facilitator for astral traveling. This stone is orange-red and/or yellow in color.


HEMATITE is excellent for calming and relaxing and for reducing emotional upset. It aides in sleep and is known to transform negativity. This stone is also known for its grounding and protection qualities. Good for freeing up your mind to be able to think clearly. It is also good for relieving headaches. This stone is silver metallic and heavy.

Red Garnet

GARNET (red, raspberry, green) is excellent for health, extracting negative energy from the chakras. It is a stone of commitment to purpose- to self- to others. Garnet reflects the attributes of warmth and understanding. The garnet stimulates the development and movement of the kundalini. This stone is pink to red or green in color.

Smokey Quartz

SMOKEY QUARTZ is the brown variety of quartz. Colors run from light grey or brown to dark brown or black. The characteristic smokiness of Smokey quartz is caused when quartz is exposed to very low levels of natural radiation from surrounding rocks or radioactive elements over a very long period of time. Smokey quartz is a protective crystal that can help cut through superfluous information to get straight to the point. It can help you to remain focused in times of stress or difficulty and can help during meditation or ceremony to be aware of the more subtle energies while remaining grounded. It can help to release old hurt, anger and depression and is a useful companion when making hard decisions.