The chakras of the body are spinning vortexes or wheels of energy and there are seven major chakras of the body. The universal life energy enters the body through these energy centers. If a pendulum is held 2″ over a healthy chakra it will spin in a 6″ diameter circle clockwise. If a chakra is imbalanced it may spin in the opposite direction or swing in a straight line as well as being completely still if blocked.


Most people don’t seem to pay attention to the energy around them because it is something that isn’t visible. By using the pendulum over the chakras, it makes the energy movement visible and more understandable. Using crystals or Reiki to rebalance the chakras is an amazing approach to health as it targets the underlying causes of illness before they can manifest.


Energy blockages in the body have different symptoms associated with the location of the imbalances. As we educate ourselves about the relationships between mind, body and spirit we become more aware of how to heal ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually by starting at the energetic level.


CRYSTALWEAR Clothing offers crystal pendulums to check the movement of the chakras’ energy.

Love will heal your soul. Many blessings to you for health and happiness!

The Chakras of the body are associated with different aspects of our lives.

Crown — Associated with our higher mind and the integration of our spiritual and physical makeup. Related to one’s spiritual connection to the universe. Cosmic element.

Forehead — Associated with celestial love. The seat of intuition and awareness. Spiritual element.

Throat — Associated with the higher will and speaking things into being. Tied to creativity and communication. Ether element.

Heart — Vehicle through which we feel and metabolize love. Gives us the ability to express love. Air element.

Solar Plexus — Mental life and vehicle for linear thinking. Gives us a sense of personal power in the world. Fire element.

Sacral — Emotional aspects, sexual energy and relationships. Reproductive capacity. Water element.

Base — Physical functioning, quantity of energy and sensations as pleasure or pain. Linked to survival instincts and our ability to ground ourselves in the physical world. Earth element.

A chakra or energy center of the body may become blocked or imbalanced for several reasons due to traumas and negative energies caused by life’s challenges.

Thought is also vibration and that is why it is important to maintain a positive attitude and use positive affirmations as much as possible. The negative thoughts and emotions can manifest in the physiology as illness if not addressed.

Crystals can help raise the vibrational frequency of your chakras as they resonate at a high frequency.