CRYSTALWEAR clothing was designed with divine guidance for the higher purpose of helping people balance their chakras or energy centers. The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy from which the universal life energy flows into the human body. The energy field that encompasses mind, body and spirit is often overlooked when treating mental and physical ailments especially in our Western world.We strive to inform and promote the well-being of the complete individual that begins at the energetic and spiritual level. If the chakras are resonating at a high vibrational frequency then good health is eminent. For more info on chakras and how they are associated with different aspects of the mind, body and spirit, see the Chakras page.

CRYSTALWEAR uses hidden pockets inside it’s clothing to hold various types of crystals over the chakras. Crystals are known to resonate at a high vibrational frequency and will promote a balancing effect for the chakras over which they are placed. Also, the crystals that are included in our sets are attuned to the Light of Reiki and their properties may be found on the Crystals page.  All crystals used in the clothing are tumbled to be smooth and as flat as possible to be comfortable when the wearer is lying down.

CRYSTALWEAR promotes an ECO Friendly Lifestyle as the fabric used is 100% Hemp and the garments are made in The City of Angels, USA.
We also embrace alternative healing practices such as ACUPUNCTURE, REIKI and Preventative Medicine using HERBS such as AYURVEDA.